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Whether you have a furnace, boiler, or heat pump we have you taken care of. We service all makes and models and with extensive continuing education our qualified technicians will make sure your system is operating safely and efficiently.


Installation and Repair

Do you have an older furnace that is struggling to keep up? We service all makes and models of furnaces and will make sure that your furnace is operating at its best. Safety is critical with furnaces and My HVAC Guy's technicians will thoroughly test your furnace to keep your home safe and warm.


Are you looking to upgrade to a more efficient and more comfortable furnace? If your furnace is older give us a call today to get a free estimate on a furnace replacement. Upgrading to high efficiency furnace will safe on your utilities and will leave you with a more comfortable and safer home.



Installation and Repair

Whether you have a steam or a hot water boiler, My HVAC Guy can keep your equipment in top shape. Boilers need more attention than most other equipment to operate efficiently and safely. With extensive training on boilers, we will make sure your boiler is operating at its best.


If your old boiler has left you in the cold and are dealing with constant breakdowns it may be time to replace. Boilers are an investment in your home's comfort, call today for a free estimate to upgrade to a more efficient boiler.

Heat Pump

Installation and Repair

Heat pumps require proper servicing to make sure that you are keeping your electric bill low and home comfortable. If your system is dirty or your refrigerant levels are off you may be left with an uncomfortable house and high electric bill. We service all makes and models and are ready to return your system to proper operation.


In need of a new heat pump? We will happily provide you with an estimate to upgrade to a more efficient heat pump.


Financing Options Available 

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